City Newsletter

SEASONS GREETINGS! - December 2023

It has been a very busy year in Sun Valley. The most exciting news is that the City Council just approved a contract with ARCH to develop affordable, permanent workforce housing at the Ellsworth Inn in Hailey. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to the housing it will create.


Along with a housing subsidy for qualified staff and consideration of other programs, first responder housing is very important to our overall efforts. In partnership with the North Blaine County Fire District, great progress is being made on the Greenhorn First Responder Housing Project. The goal is to provide housing for responders at the station with a favorable rent scale. Housing, of course, is a large concern of all of the entities and jurisdictions in the county and beyond. Terrific work is being done by the Commissioners of NBCFD and we are grateful for their partnership and their outstanding fundraising efforts.  


Our friends at Mountain Rides asked us to share that they have changed the red route this year. It will become a “flag stop” in much of Elkhorn. Please visit their website to view the specifics of this change:


On another note, the City Council voted recently to temporarily change the speed limit on certain parts of Elkhorn Road to be reduced to 25 MPH. The change begins at the bottom of Village Way on Elkhorn Road and extends until you get to Dollar Lodge, where it’s seasonally 20 MPH. Please visit our website for a detailed map of the change.

We are working hard on solutions for the Sun Valley/Saddle Road Intersection (aka the blinking light). In the meantime, temporary solutions are being actively considered so stay tuned.

A friendly reminder that plowing and storing snow in the city right-of-way, as well as pushing snow from a private residence across city roads is prohibited. Please call our Community Development Department if you need more information on this matter. Also, regarding holiday lighting, we remind you that residential holiday lighting is only to be displayed from November 20- March 15th. Additionally, please ensure that your holiday lighting is turned off by 11:00 PM nightly.


Thank you to all of you for participating in our city council meetings and for sharing any concerns with us.