Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve

The City of Sun Valley continues to support the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve through education and enforcement of exterior lighting regulations. The City of Sun Valley's exterior lighting regulations were first established in 2006. Since the City of Sun Valley pledged to participate as a member of the CIDSR, in 2020 the City took action to update their exterior lighting regulations. Ordinance No. 543 was passed in September to provide an even greater level of nighttime restrictions to better match the updated regulations of adjoining municipalities and to demonstrative a level of commitment of the initiative through action. 



City of Sun Valley lighting regulations are detailed in Article B. of the City of Sun Valley Municipal Code.

Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve

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The following figure provides guidance for the public when looking for dark sky compliant lighting. The city does not endorse or discriminate against any manufacturer or company that may be shown, portrayed or mentioned by the examples.