Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get fingerprinted?

Sometimes your job or participation with an event or group requires that you get fingerprinted. The Sun Valley Police Department provides this service for Sun Valley residents at no cost.  Just come by the Police Department on 81 Elkhorn Road during business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with your photo identification and we will help you out.

How do I obtain an accident or offense report?

To get a copy of a report, you can email Rachel Wayt, Administrative Assistant, at with the information of the report you need and we will email or fax the report back to you at no charge.  You may also stop by our office at 81 Elkhorn Road and pick up your copy.

Residential Security Checks

If you are leaving town for an extended period of time and would like an officer to check on your home, just download our residential check form and email it back to us with the necessary information and we will add you to our patrol check list.

Parking Citations

Parking citations are $25 and can be mailed to the Sun Valley Police Department at PO Box 416, Sun Valley, Idaho 83353 or you can stop by our office at 81 Elkhorn Road.

Trailhead Parking

Proctor Mountain trailhead on Fairway Road is closed. You may park at the Hemingway Memorial parking lot off of Trail Creek road to access the trail. Illegally parked vehicles on Fairway Road will be cited.

Leash Law

Running at Large Defined: An animal shall be deemed to be running at large when off or away from the premises of the owner or keeper, and not under the immediate control of such owner or keeper, either by leash, cord, chain or by verbal control of a person within 10 feet of the animal.  However, any animal on the premises of a city park or school ground must be controlled by a leash.

Emergency Notification

The City of Sun Valley is a partner with the Blaine County Emergency Planning Committee, which has an emergency and disaster preparedness website: The website is for the use of our community in special situations such as major emergencies, major news developments and stories, weather, storm monitoring and much more. This website will provide accurate and timely emergency and disaster information for the community.  We encourage all of Sun Valley residents to sign up for the New Community Alert System that appears on the Home page of the website.