City Clerk

The City Clerk's office is responsible for records management, including digital records and public and staff research. The Clerk records and prepares meeting minutes, administers the Local Option Tax, all public records request, liquor licensing, and provides election support to the Blaine County Clerk.

Helpful Links for City Records:
City Council Meeting Agendas & Packets- find City Council meeting agendas and packet materials.
City Council Meeting Minutes & Audio- find recorded audio of City meetings, agendas, and approved meeting minutes.
City of Sun Valley Online Municipal Code- access the City codifier's website, Sterling Codifiers, where you can easily keyword search the current municipal code.

Local Option Tax:
The Sun Valley Local Option Tax (LOT) is a non-property, local sales tax separate from the Idaho State tax. 

Online payment is now available! Visit and click on Local Option Tax. 

For all zero returns, please email remittance form to


Tax Category

Tax Rate

Occupancy Sales (rentals lasting less than 30 days)


Food & Beverage


Alcohol by the Drink


Recreation Memberships (i.e. greens fees, tennis court fees, gym/spa memberships, pool passes, etc.)


Lease/Rental of Tangible Personal Property (i.e. auto leases, and rental of golf clubs, golf carts, tennis rackets, bicycles, etc.)


Event Admission


Building and Construction Materials


All Other Retail Sales Not Listed Above (auto sales are excluded)


Ski Lift Tickets/Season Ski Passes


Late Fee: assessed if taxes are not paid by the 20th of the following month.



Local Option Tax Supporting Documents:
Ordinance No. 484
Ordinance No. 572
Ordinance No. 573

Public Records Requests

Public Records Request Form

Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit
Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit Application


The general election for the City of Sun Valley, Idaho, will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The election will be held for the purpose of electing the following offices for the specified terms: two (2) Council Members for a term of four years each, and one (1) Mayor for a term of four years. 

Candidates for City elected office are required to file a Declaration of Candidacy specifying the office sought and affirming that the individual is a qualified City elector, meaning: at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, the candidate’s primary residence must be within the City of Sun Valley, the address of the candidate’s voter registration must match the residence address provided on the candidate’s declaration, and the candidate must have resided in the City for at least 30 days prior to submitting their declaration.

The Declaration of Candidacy must be accompanied by: (1) a nonrefundable filing fee of $40 or (2) a Petition of Candidacy signed by at least five qualified city electors that has been verified by the County Clerk’s office. Candidates may file Declarations of Candidacy with the City Clerk starting at 8:00 AM on Monday, August 28, 2023. The deadline for filing Declarations of Candidacy is Friday, September 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM.  Declarations of Candidacy are available at City Hall in the office of the City Clerk at 81 Elkhorn Road from the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

You may also access the forms needed to run for office by clicking here.

The Declaration of Intent Write-In Form is found here.

The Candidate Withdrawal Form is found here

If you have any questions, please call Nancy Flannigan, City Clerk, at 208-622-4438.