Police Department

The Sun Valley Police Department is dedicated to serving our community and protecting the quality of life that we all enjoy. Our job is to ensure that Sun Valley continues as a safe place to work, play and raise a family. 

Our department has 12 full-time officers, all of whom are dedicated to providing a professional service to a very diverse population of residents and tourists. The population we serve can increase by 10,000 in any given week, along with providing security protection for many of our dignitary visitors. With over two billion dollars in property values to protect and to ensure our visitors have a safe experience while visiting Sun Valley, we are truly a unique police department.


Mental Health & Addition Resources for Parents

  • Parent's Guide to Fentanyl: This comprehensive guide equips parents with valuable information, including tips, warning signs, and helpful videos/articles. It empowers parents to protect their children from the dangers of fentanyl and make informed decisions regarding substance use.
  • Protecting Children From Online Drug Dealers: This resource provides essential tools to safeguard children, including the "Emoji code" to identify online drug dealing, insights into the dark web, and other online safety measures.