Road & Path Program Information

The cities of Sun Valley and Ketchum have formed a partnership to contract for road reconstruction along Sun Valley Road, from Main Street in Ketchum to the Sun Valley Gun Club in Sun Valley. The project will also include downtown Ketchum pedestrian enhancements.

Work in Sun Valley is scheduled to begin in mid-May and should be wrapped up largely by the beginning of July. Please be aware that one lane of traffic will be open at all times. 

The intersection at Sun Valley Road and Saddle will not be addressed this year.

If you have questions, please call Bill Whitesell, Street Superintendent or Nancy Flannigan, City Clerk/Asst. to the City Administrator at 208-622-4438.


Newsletter Regarding Construction in 2021

Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update - September 3, 2021

The bike lane which starts at the top of Elkhorn Road (beginning at North Village Way) and ends at City Hall, has been paved, but is not yet complete! Striping and shouldering will be taking place next week so please avoid using it until we are finished, which is expected in a few weeks. Note that this designated bike lane is intended for expert riders only, not casual riders, pedestrians or golf carts. Casual bicyclists and pedestrians should still use our extensive multi-use path.


The only thing we have left on the City Hall intersection is striping, which will occur next week. The landscaping is set to begin around City Hall soon though we will continue to remain open. Thank you again for your continued patience on this year’s road project -- we are thrilled with the results. Feel free to stop by and see the brand new parking lot at City Hall!


Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update - August 10, 2021

Good morning. The intersection at City Hall is nearing completion. We will be striping and working on the patterned concrete in the middle of the intersection over the next week, but the traffic delays will be minimal. Work will continue on the City Hall parking lot.

Starting on August 16, we will begin constructing a dedicated bike lane going down Elkhorn Road, between North Village Way and ending near City Hall. It will greatly benefit bicyclists, vehicles and pedestrians alike. Please pay attention to the flaggers as they will direct you around the construction. 

We greatly appreciate your patience as we strive to improve your roads and paths.


Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update - July 28, 2021

Good morning. If it feels like the City Hall intersection has been under construction for a long time, it has. :) Actually though, we are making good progress and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Crews have been busy completing a full rebuild, fixing the alignment and working on drainage improvements of the roadway section, which all entail a lot of moving parts. The intersection is scheduled to be paved by the end of next week; however, there will be ongoing work for the crosswalks and bike paths so continue to look out for the flaggers directing traffic. 

Once the intersection is mostly complete, crews will finish up the City Hall parking lot, which should be completed by early September.

Thank you again for your continued patience!  

Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update – June 30, 2021

We are excited to share that we have opened a new parking lot directly across from the current Hemingway Memorial parking lot on Trail Creek Road. This adds 24 much-needed additional parking spaces and will help with increased demand for the Proctor Mountain Trail System as well as our multi-use path. 

As a result of this new parking lot, no public parking is allowed at the end of Fairway Road, though bikes and pedestrians are welcome and encouraged. 

Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update – June 25, 2021

GREAT NEWS! We have installed a new parking lot across from the Hemingway Memorial on Trail Creek Road to access the bike path and nearby hiking trails. This adds 24 much-needed parking spots. This new parking lot should be opened up early next week. 

We are in the midst of Year 4 of the Sun Valley Road and Path Bond Program. We will continue work at the City Hall intersection next week so please continue to avoid that intersection and watch for flaggers to assist in routing you around the work. We are seeing a lot of bike traffic out there and we want everyone to remain safe; please continue to pay attention to the signage. And, if you are coming to City Hall, please park at the Dollar Lodge parking lot. There is no parking currently at City Hall, though we are open for business. 

We will halt construction for the 4th of July holiday and all roads will be opened back up. Work will cease the evening of July 2 through July 11. On July 12, the crew will once again continue working on the intersection and the City Hall parking lot.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work hard to improve our roads.

Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update – June 11, 2021

The City will continue to have heavy construction around the City Hall intersection (Elkhorn & Dollar) this next week. Please avoid this area, if possible. Additionally, the City will begin friction sealing roads around the City -- please pay attention to the signage. One lane will be open at all times and there will be flaggers directing traffic. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our roads.

Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update - May 28, 2021

Good afternoon. You have likely noticed all of the construction happening around the City and particularly around City Hall. As noted in the newsletter mailed to you a few weeks ago, this is part of the Sun Valley Road and Path Bond Program that voters approved in 2017. Please click here to see a copy of the newsletter. 

We are currently in Year 4 of construction activities and are in the midst of reconfiguring the intersection around City Hall to better align the roads and make improvements to the City Hall entrance and parking areas. This will greatly improve safety in that intersection, and the entrance to City Hall will be moved to Fairway Road. Thus, we needed to remove trees that were either diseased, past their prime, and/or overgrown or overplanted. Please note that none of the trees removed were native to the area and we will be replanting with drought resistant trees and shrubs that will require less water. Removing said trees also helps us meet the Firewise program’s framework. Stay tuned for more information on a Firewise presentation by the Fire Department. 

Please note that there will be heavy construction in the City Hall intersection (Elkhorn Road and Dollar) beginning on Tuesday, June 1. They will be laying a diagonal pipe for stormwater so please avoid this area as much as possible next week. There will be significant delays though one lane will remain open. We appreciate your patience.

In addition to work in the City Hall intersection, we will be paving on Fairway Loop and beginning slurry sealing the recently rehabilitated pathways in several location around the city next week. Please watch for path closed signs and do not walk or bike on fresh oil. Please see the newsletter as mentioned above for a map of the areas we will be sealing. 


Sun Valley Road and Bond Program Construction Update - May 14, 2021

Good morning. The City of Sun Valley is preparing for the 4th year of construction as part of the Sun Valley Road and Path Bond Program.

The Sun Valley Road pathway will get pulverized on May 20 from Festival Meadows to the intersection at Saddle and Sun Valley Road. The path will be closed each day during construction and should reopen each evening with a gravel surface. Once the pulverization and grading are done, we will resurface the path and hope to reopen the path completely on Tuesday, May 26. Please observe the traffic control signs.


On May 21, the pulverizer will move to Fairway Loop. We hope to have it repaved by May 28. During this time, one lane of travel will open at all times and will be smoothed up and drivable each evening.


On or around May 24, the pulverizer will move to the City Hall intersection and construction will begin at the intersection and the parking lot at City Hall. This will be a month long project as we strive to better align the intersection and make improvements. One lane will remain open at all times and both lanes of traffic will be reopened each night. Please be patient and travel slowly.


If you have any questions, please contact either Bill or Nancy at 208-622-4438 or email us at


What to Expect

•             Work is generally anticipated to occur between 7 AM and 7 PM. Night and weekend work is not expected.

•             Work will include, but not be limited to, general construction noise, dust, equipment backup alarms and ground vibration.

•             Access to residences will remain open at all times, although access points may be shifted to accommodate construction.




At the regular monthly City Council meeting on February 1st, Nick Miller from Hawley Troxell, Sun Valley’s Bond Counsel, spoke about the adoption of Ordinance 524, which authorizes the issuance and sale of General Obligation Bonds Series 2018. Following the presentation by Mr. Miller and comments by Christian Anderson from Zions Bank on bond market topics, the Council unanimously voted to waive three readings and adopt the ordinance clearing the way to issue the bonds.

Following a meeting with Moody’s Investor Services on January 29th, the City received a AA2 rating on February 6th. The report cited as positives the City’s strong reserves, healthy fund balance policy, sound financial management and mix of revenue sources that help mitigate the high exposure to a single industry.

The competitive bid for the bonds will be held on Tuesday February 27th at 9:30 AM, MST.

Also on February 1st, the City’s team met with representatives from CH2M for the Program Initiation Workshop #2. We discussed various frameworks: design, financial, reporting, project controls and stakeholder strategy, including an organizational chart and a decision-making framework. Workshop #3 will take place on March 1st.

On February 15th, we received a bid proposal for Project Year 1. Our City Engineer will be evaluating the documents and will report to and recommend a decision to the City Council on March 1st.

Key dates:

2/27 Competitive Bond Sale

3/1 Recommendation of Award-Year 1 (2018) Project and Workshop #3

Final Official Closing Statement



This report is the first of monthly reports that will deal with the Sun Valley Road & Path Bond Issue and the Road & Path Program itself. It is my intention to address issues and progress on both these topics each month during my opening remarks at regular Council meetings. The remarks will be posted on the City website after each Council meeting. Today, we will hear from Nick Miller from Hawley Troxell, Sun Valley’s Bond Counsel, regarding legislative and administrative steps that must be taken before bond issuance. Christian Anderson from Zions Bank will address financial topics on the bonds.

Regarding the Road & Path Program:

On December 15th, Bill Whitesell, Wendy Crosby, Bryce Ternet and I, along with Mark Bowen, Travis Casch, and Betsy Roberts from CH2M and Sherri Newland, representing S&C Engineers, attended our kick-off meeting to discuss the construction program.

We spoke of the Bond Proposition, its passage by the voters and what success will look like (safe roads and paths for all citizens and visitors and improved livability). We discussed the Program Framework, Specific Projects, and Program Planning along with a comprehensive Program Schedule and Program Cash Flow. We also developed next steps for the group.

It was decided that each year’s projects would be considered separately and that separate RFPs and RFQs be issued annually. The exceptions to this process would be contracts for Survey and Geotechnical. A Construction General Contractor will be chosen by competitive bid each year. On today’s agenda we will consider a contract with S&C Engineers engaging them as Owner’s Representative for the project.

The projects for Year 1 are the Bitterroot area, Skyline Lane and Spur, Community School Guardrail, and Elkhorn Segment E path. Total spend is budgeted for approximately $2.2M. Should we decide to include Elkhorn Segment C path, it would add another $160K to the first year spend.


Year 1 design task order is complete and design is in process. Tomorrow (Jan 5) there is a meeting in Boise with CH2M and Bill and Sherri (S&C Engineers) to review design so far. We anticipate 100% Design Completion sometime between Jan 8th - 18th.

CH2M has be asked to reach out to potential construction bidders to make them aware of this project. The bid package will be assembled and ready by Jan 19th. Bid opening will be on Feb 8th.

On November 7th, the citizens of Sun Valley re-elected Council President Keith Saks and Council Member Brad DuFur both to four-year terms. I congratulate both of them and look forward to our continued collaboration on the issues in our fair City.

The voters also passed the Bond Election Ordinance authorizing the City to issue up $17.5 million Sun Valley General Obligation Bonds for the replacement, reconstruction, and improvement of roads, paths, bridges and related infrastructure throughout the City. Preliminary work began this morning on the bond issue and meetings are scheduled with staff and the City Engineer to discuss timeline issues for the roads and paths projects.

The tasks entrusted to the City’s elected officials and staff are formidable and weighty. They will not be taken lightly. We promise diligence, transparency and dedication to perform and complete our duties.

Thank you to our citizens for an affirmation of confidence in officials and staff.




General Obligation Bonds on November 7th Ballot  

Hello neighbors,

Wednesday afternoon we hosted an outreach meeting for our citizens to further discuss information on our Bond election ordinance, which is on the November 7th ballot. Along with our council and staff in attendance, we were fortunate to have Christian Anderson from Zions Bank, the City’s Financial Advisor and Betsy Roberts, Sun Valley’s City Engineer from CH2M Hill. Both of our guests answered questions and provided details which in a project of this scope will prove invaluable. Please click here to view our presentation from the Open House on October 25th.

As most of you know, we have been thinking about, debating, and discussing the replacement, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and improvement of our streets and paths since the summer of 2015 when the Transportation Plan was reviewed and adopted. Discussions continued through 2016 when the Council reclassified some roads and declared funding for paths and roads a top priority.

In July of this year, we specifically asked for and received citizen input on funding and through the summer, funding continued to top the Council’s agenda. The details of all of these discussions can be found on our website as well as the continued coverage by the Idaho Mountain Express and their many articles on the topic. We also placed 7 ads in the Idaho Mountain Express, sent a mailer to all registered voters in the City, and sent 3 email blasts.  

Speaking of our website, please take a fresh look at the updated information and our own continuing coverage. We have been placing commentary on the site since July of this year and updates as warranted. New to the site is a presentation of the materials used at our Citizens Outreach meeting this past Wednesday. Four of the slides specifically point out the uses of the funds on a yearly basis as well as the roads and paths to be addressed that year. Remember that all proceeds can only be used for the road and path project. Other uses are prohibited. 

Also, please consider updating your email address since we send email blasts regularly on this and other important topics. If emails are inconvenient, please look at the local press for notices and advertisements of meetings.

The message is thus: please keep informed in any way you choose on this very important issue. We will continue to share all that we can with our citizens.

A few notes regarding fiscal matters that bear on this bond election:

 -    While the Local Option Tax collected by the City is absolutely necessary to maintain the fiscal good health of the City, it is not enough to bring our roads and paths up to an acceptable level. LOT, available to the City, (1% Air LOT does not go to the City but to the Air Service Board) over the last 4 years has averaged $1.3M; not enough to tackle this major project. 1% Air LOT, by the way, partially goes to fund needed air service to our valley. It helps in making our trips and our kids and grandkids trips more convenient and thus more frequent. It has been very successful and welcomed, as evidenced by an overwhelming 82% in favor on its renewal this year. A portion of the Air LOT also goes to a marketing effort that is also funded by commercial enterprises, including our neighbor, the Sun Valley Company. The partnership for marketing is ongoing and successful.  The vibrancy of our valley is certainly dependent upon economic success and will continue to be so. We celebrate success.

 -    The fiscal health of our City is very good. We are projecting an Ending Fund Balance of over $4M. The Council continues to act responsibly on all budget matters and leans to the conservative axis

 -    The Council has not taken the 3% property tax increase that it is permitted to take, without voter approval, for 7 years. Acting prudently, watching expenses, and being fiscally conservative have contributed to the good health of our balance sheet.

 -    The time is now to consider the health of our paths and roads.

 -    Please vote on November 7th!




On the November 7th ballot, there will be a proposal for the issuance of bonds by the City of Sun Valley and the levy to pay for the bonds. The issue of $17.5 million General Obligation Bonds will be for the replacement, reconstruction, and improvement of roads, bicycle and pedestrian paths, bridges and related infrastructure throughout the City. The proceeds from the bond issue cannot be used for any other purpose and a two-thirds super majority of voters is required for passage of the issue. If passed, work on the roads and paths would begin in the Spring of 2018.

The sale of these bonds would help the City fulfill its commitment to the community to improve livability and to provide for the health, safety and welfare of Sun Valley residents and visitors. Having roads and pedestrian and bicycle paths that are well-maintained, as well as aesthetically pleasing, accrues benefits to our full- and part-time residents. Keep in mind that the proceeds from the bonds, all $17.5 million, can only be used for the betterment of our transportation infrastructure. No other use of funds is permitted.

There are approximately 30 miles of roads and paths in the City. The average age of those paths and roads is well over 30 years, which is when the last meaningful rehabilitation occurred. Based on the rating system of the Asphalt Institute of America, 36% of street footage is in fair to very poor condition and 26% of our multi-use paths are in fair to poor condition.


Bond Facts:
Issuer: City of Sun Valley
Size of issue: $17,500,000
Type: General Obligation Bonds
Term of Bonds: 20 years (2018-2038)
Anticipated rating: AA
Municipal Advisor: Zions Public Finance Inc.
Bond Counsel: Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP
Anticipated Interest rate: 2.93%
Total Amount to be Repaid: $23,544,975

Projected Annual Property Tax Levy for Various Values:
$100K Taxable:   $55.43 per year
$500K Taxable:   $277.14 per year
$1MM Taxable:   $554.30 per year

Post-election Bond Issuance Timeline:
Week 1: Draft Preliminary Official Statement
Week 4: Meet with rating agency; adopt bond resolution
Week 6: Obtain rating; publish Official Statement
Week 8: Bond Sale; closing documents
Week 10: Closing and delivery of funds

Stay tuned for more information…