Snow Removal

It is the goal of the City to provide safe and traversable roadways at all times during typical winter driving conditions.

Snow removal conditions exist when an excess of two inches of snow have accumulated on roadway surfaces. Under optimum conditions, equipment operators will start initial plowing of City streets within 6 hours, with continuous plowing of streets every 12 hours and providing "dry pavement" in a minimal amount of time. Priority plowing is given to designated main arteries of traffic and emergency routes.  However, various obstacles, such as snowfall intensity, moisture content and hindering circumstances, may prohibit the accomplisment of thse goals.

If you have a concern about City snow removal operations, don't stop the operator. Call the Street Department at 208-622-4438.

You can do the following to help an efficient snow removal operations:

-- Always park your vehicle off the road or street right-of-way.

-- When shoveling your driveway, avoid putting snow in the street right-of-way.  This could become a hazard for motorists and pedestrians and is illegal. Shovel your driveways to the side facing the road so the plow does not push the same snow back into the driveway.

-- Keep garbage cans for pickup four feet off the edge of roadway, or place them at the property line behind the city easement. Keep emptied refuse containers in a place where they will not interfere with snow removal.

--  Do not leave items, such as ski equipment, toys, tree limbs etc. in the road or street right-of-way. This could cause obstructions to snow plowing.

-- Citizens with children should note the following:
  • Keep them inside when snow equipment is in operation in your neighborhood.
  • Do not let children build caves or igloos in snow banks in or near the streets. Children playing in these caves and igloos cannot hear snow equipment approaching and can be buried in a matter of seconds.
  • Emphasize to them that snow equipment always has the right-of-way during snow removal and may back up at any time. They should stay at the bus stop when waiting for school bus and not approach any snow removal equipment.